DVD Meet The Masters Vol1 - Vol3

DVD Meet The Masters Vol1 - Vol3

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Meet the Masters: Watch it. Learn it. Do it.

Watching over the shoulders of the best is the way to learn from them and to bring your own skills to a new level. But you don′t have to do it through trial and error. The Meet the Masters DVD will provide you with the instruction of international trainers who are among the best in the business. Expand your efficiency and creativity with tips, tricks and methods in the areas of digital image processing, design and illustration as well as 3D and motion design, and all at the highest level.

MasterClass Vol. 1:

3.5 hours of digital image processing, image retouching, image management, beauty retouching and photo optimisation, up to and including crash courses in Lightroom and Aperture


MasterClass Vol. 2:

4 hours of drawing and painting in Photoshop, photo illustration, fashion designs in Illustrator and using Corel Painter


MasterClass Vol. 3:

3 hours of Photoshop 3D options, motion design with After Effects and crash courses on Sketch Book Pro and ZBrush

DVD Meet The Masters Vol1 - Vol3

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